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Video/Film Manager

Columbia, Missouri, USA

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Position Description 

As the Film and Video Manager for the Missouri Reign, you will be instrumental in capturing and managing the team's on-field performances, ensuring high-quality footage for analysis, promotional content, and archiving.


Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Camera Setup and Operation:

    • Responsible for setting up cameras and related equipment to capture high-quality footage of team practices, games, and events.

    • Ensure proper camera angles, framing, and lighting for optimal video quality.

  2. Filming Practices and Games:

    • Attend team practices, home games, and select away games to capture comprehensive video footage.

    • Coordinate with coaching staff to prioritize specific players, plays, or angles for analysis.

  3. Equipment Maintenance:

    • Regularly inspect and maintain filming equipment to ensure functionality and prevent technical issues.

    • Coordinate with the technical support team for repairs or replacements as needed.

  4. Uploading and Archiving:

    • Upload video footage promptly after each event to the designated storage platform.

    • Organize and archive footage systematically for easy retrieval and analysis.

  5. Collaboration with Coaching Staff:

    • Work closely with the coaching staff to understand their video analysis needs and preferences.

    • Provide timely access to relevant footage for coaching and player development purposes.

  6. Game Day Responsibilities:

    • Set up filming equipment at the venue on game days, ensuring all technical aspects are in order.

    • Capture in-game highlights, key plays, and reactions for post-game analysis and promotional content.

  7. Film Editing Assistance:

    • Collaborate with video editors to provide input on specific plays or sequences for inclusion in highlight reels, promotional videos, and other content.

  8. Travel to Away Games:

    • Travel with the team to select away games to ensure consistent and high-quality video coverage.

  9. Technical Support:

    • Provide technical support to other departments for video-related needs, such as live streaming or promotional shoots.


- Previous experience in sports videography or a related field.
- Proficiency in operating professional video equipment and editing software.
- Strong organizational skills for efficient uploading, archiving, and retrieval of video footage.
- Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings, weekends, and travel.

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