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Arris' Pizza

With a warm environment and welcoming spirit, many people are drawn to Arris’ Pizza. What you will find here will keep you coming back, as it has for over four decades. 

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Sponsor Background

In September 1961, pizza restaurants were scarce in Jefferson City. The City needed a family gathering place, and Arris Pardalos needed a welcoming home to introduce his pizza recipe. The pairing proved to be ideal, and Arris’ Pizza was soon on its way to becoming a Jefferson City landmark.

Now famous throughout the Midwest, Arris’ Pizza attracts customers who keep coming back, and who will travel far to indulge in the acclaimed pizza, salads, and sandwiches.

While his outstanding recipes for pizza dough, sauce, and other ingredients are key to the success of his business, Arris also attributes his prosperity to a commitment to hospitality, dedication, and excellent service. Arris thanks the people of Missouri for their continued support and loyalty.

Arris' Pizza has Four Locations spread aross Missouri:

117 West High Street, Jefferson City 

(573) 635-9225

Owner: George and Olga Pardalos

1332 E. Republic Rd Springfield, MO

(417) 881-7260​​​

Owner: Jeff and Brenda Spies

738 Hwy 60 East Republic, MO

(417) 732-2088

Owner: Jeff and Brenda Spies 

1020 East Green Meadows, Suite 102 (Kohl's Shopping Center) Columbia, MO

(573) 441-1199​​​

Owner: Thomas Rost

Contact Information

Phone Number:

573 635-9225

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