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Missouri Reign Officially Announce Team

Missouri Reign Women officially announce name and branding for their semi-professional Women's Soccer Team

Missouri Reign Officially Announce Team
Dakota Acock
July 10, 2023 at 10:00:00 PM

The Missouri Reign announced themselves as an official team on July 10th, 2023.

In the logo, a crisp, white soccer ball takes center stage, encircled by two vivid golden laurels. A majestic crown, featuring three prominent arches, perches above the ball, symbolizing the three key cities in Mid Missouri. The background is a blend of dark navy and deep maroon, providing a rich, bold canvas. A ribbon bearing the name 'Missouri Reign' spans the bottom of the image. This combination of colors and elements captures the essence of regal soccer excellence. Nestled at the base of the image, a ribbon prominently displays the name 'Missouri Reign,' the words scripted in a contrasting color to ensure they stand out with clarity and authority.

The primary colors for the reign will be a dark navy, rich gold and complimentary maroon in the background of the crest. The deep navy shade exudes a sense of depth and solidity, while the dark maroon provides a dramatic and regal backdrop that highlights the central elements. The color palette and design of this image evoke a sense of both regality, royalty and rich soccer prowess.

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