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Missouri Reign Play First Ever Match

The Missouri Reign, known at that team as "Team" take the field for the first official outing, win friendly 4-1.

Missouri Reign Play First Ever Match
Dakota Acock
June 1, 2023 at 12:00:00 AM

Missouri Reign Play in First Ever Match

The Missouri Reign, at the time just known as “Team”, had their first ever scrimmage on Wednesday May, 31st in 2023. The friendly was against a talented U-21 WPSL squad, River City, as they prepared for their first ever U-21 season. 

The Reign won the match 4-1, as the team gelled quickly and found their moments to connect with unfamiliar teammates to produce the result. 

The first goal ever for the club was scored unassisted by Ayanna Clark (Columbia College), a player just recently graduated from Capital City High School, on a ball played into the box deflected off the defenders head into the goal. 

The second goal came from a Caroline Cole (University of Central Missouri) assist of a corner, headed by Madison Hendershott (University of Missouri) in the box to the back post. 

The third goal came from Caroline Cole, unassisted on a shot hit low from the top of the box to the back post corner. 

River City scored their goal on a slotted ball by Danielle Buker (Drury) to Elin Nilsson, who tapped it by the Reign keeper on a second attempt to close out the half’s scoring. 

The fourth goal scored in the second half by Kayla Juengermann (Rockhurst), was played through from a ball slotted by Georgia Pardalos (Lindenwood), to the back net to close the scoring for the game. 

The Reign completed the game with a significant part of the possession, a solid defensive performance and was able to rotate the roster and play everyone throughout the night. For a team that had not played together before, the effort and unselfish play set a foundation to build upon.

This friendly led to eventually making the decision to go from just a training group to exploring the option of forming their own team. A credit to the players for being the inspiration and having the dedication to put a team together like they did.

The roster for the first Missouri Reign friendly: 

(Starters indicated by *)

Keeper: (split first and second half) 

Sophia Elfrink - Southeast Missouri State *

Natalie Allison - Columbia College 


Lily Patterson - Kansas State University*

Riley Richardson - William Jewell University* 

Ayanna Clarke - Columbia College*


Caroline Cole - University of Central Missouri*

Madison Hendershott - University of Missouri* 

Izzy Cole - Columbia College* 

Savanah Feltrop - Westminster College*

Kayla Juengermann - Rockhurst University*

Hannah Juengermann- Rockhurst University

Kourtney Blatz - Columbia College 

Gia Parisi - Missouri Valley College

Grace Spalding - Missouri State University 


Gerogia Pardalos - Lindenwood University*

Julia Richardson - Missouri Valley College*

Jadyn Peirce - Central Methodist University 


Dakota Acock, Zach Leary, Quinn Walker, Breck McGrail

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