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General Internship

Columbia, Missouri, USA

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Position Description 

As a general intern, you'll support game-day operations, interact with fans, contribute to marketing efforts, and collaborate across all departments.

This internship is a great opportunity for individuals seeking a diverse and immersive experience in the world of professional soccer. If you are a motivated and adaptable individual ready to contribute to the success of the Missouri Reign and AFC Columbia, but don't have a specific preference in the other jobs, this is a good foot in the door to get a wide variety of experience.


Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Event Support:

    • Assist in the coordination and execution of home and away game-day operations.

    • Collaborate with various departments to ensure the smooth flow of events.

    • Set up the field, set up and take down tents, banners, other items.

  2. Customer Service:

    • Interact with fans and attendees to enhance their overall experience.

    • Address inquiries, provide information, and ensure a positive atmosphere.

  3. Logistical Assistance:

    • Help with setup and breakdown tasks for events, and other team activities.

    • Provide support in the transportation and handling of equipment.

  4. Marketing and Promotion:

    • Contribute to social media initiatives, content creation, and promotional activities.

    • Help distribute marketing materials and merchandise at events.

  5. Game-day Support:

    • Assist in various game-day roles, such as ticket scanning, concessions, merchandise sales, and fan engagement.

    • Be a versatile team player, ready to step in wherever needed.

  6. Team Collaboration:

    • Work closely with different departments, including operations, marketing, finance, and more.

    • Be an integral part of a collaborative team environment.

  7. Community Engagement:

    • Participate in community outreach initiatives, representing the team at local events.

    • Assist in building and maintaining positive relationships with fans and community partners.

  8. Content Creation:

    • Capture photos and videos during events for use in promotional materials.

    • Contribute creative ideas for content that aligns with the team's brand.


- Enthusiastic and eager to learn about the sports industry.
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
- Ability to multitask and adapt in a fast-paced environment.
- Willingness to work evenings, weekends, and game days as needed.
- No specific prior experience required, but a passion for soccer and sports is a plus.

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