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Columbia, Missouri, USA

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Position Description 

As the Team Statistician for the Missouri Reign, you will be an essential part of our coaching and management team, providing valuable insights through accurate and timely statistical analysis.


Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Game Day Statistics:

    • Attend all home games and select away games to record real-time statistics, including player performance, possession, shots on goal, and other relevant metrics.

    • Utilize specialized statistical software or tools to capture and analyze in-game data.

  2. Film Analysis:

    • Analyze recorded footage of away games to extract detailed statistics and insights.

    • Collaborate with coaching staff to identify key performance indicators and areas for improvement.

  3. Data Recording:

    • Maintain a comprehensive and organized record of all game statistics using Google Docs or other designated platforms.

    • Ensure accuracy and consistency in data entry for use in post-game analysis and strategic planning.

  4. Communication with Coaching Staff:

    • Regularly communicate statistical findings to the coaching staff to aid in game strategy development and player performance evaluation.

    • Be responsive to specific statistical inquiries from the coaching team.

  5. Scouting Support:

    • Assist in scouting opposing teams by providing statistical profiles and insights.

    • Collaborate with coaches to tailor strategies based on the analysis of both team and individual player statistics.

  6. Collaboration with Analysts:

    • Work closely with any data analysts or sports scientists to integrate statistical findings into a broader performance analysis framework.

  7. Travel to Away Games:

    • Be available to travel with the team to select away games to collect live statistics or contribute remotely through film analysis.

  8. Adaptability:

    • Be adaptable to evolving statistical methodologies and technologies.

    • Stay informed about industry trends and advancements in sports analytics.


- Previous experience in sports statistics, preferably in soccer.
- Proficient in statistical software and data analysis tools.
- Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
- Excellent communication skills
- Availability for both home and away games, including travel.

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