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Assistant Coach

Columbia, Missouri, USA

Job Type




Position Description 

The Missouri Reign is seeking multiple assistant coaches for the upcoming season(s). This role will need an enthusiastic individual with a deep knowledge and understanding of the game, as well as a strong tactical mindset and understanding of technical development. Must be present, focused, and punctual in regard to providing the best possible experience to the players on our team.

(Note: this job is not apart of our internship process, and will be for those looking directly to help with the coaching aspects of the program. This job will require a lengthy interview process)


Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Training Sessions:

    • Actively participate in and contribute to team training sessions, focusing on both individual and collective skill enhancement.

    • Collaborate with the coaching team to plan and execute impactful training programs.

  2. Game Participation:

    • Attend all home and away games, providing coaching support and strategic insights during match situations.

    • Analyze game performances and contribute to post-game evaluations.

  3. Film Analysis:

    • Analyze game footage, providing insightful breakdowns and feedback to enhance player performance.

    • Work closely with the coaching staff to identify areas for improvement and tactical adjustments.

  4. Player Development:

    • Offer personalized feedback to players, emphasizing both strengths and areas for improvement.

    • Play a pivotal role in advancing players' technical and tactical skills.

  5. Training Setup and Execution:

    • Assist in planning and conducting effective training sessions, fostering an environment of challenge and growth.

    • Propose innovative drills and exercises aligning with team objectives.

  6. Coaching Responsibilities:

    • Collaborate with the Head Coach and fellow staff members to develop a unified coaching strategy.

    • Contribute actively to team meetings, sharing insights on tactics, player performance, and overall team development.

  7. Player-First Attitude:

    • Embrace a player-first approach, prioritizing the well-being and progress of individual players.

    • Nurture a positive team culture grounded in inclusivity and shared success.

  8. Reserve Team Assistance:

    • Assist in running the reserve team, providing coaching support and contributing to player development.


- Demonstrated commitment to a player-first attitude, focusing on individual player development.
- Patience and a long-term perspective on building a successful program.
- Profound understanding of tactical and technical training principles.
- Enthusiasm for coaching with a proactive approach to player development.
- Ability to express ideas openly while collaboratively working with the coaching staff to present a unified front.
- flexibility within the roles of the staff.

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