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Veterans United

Number One VA lender for homebuyers in the nation, Veterans United is all about helping Veterans and military families become homeowners. 

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Sponsor Background

Founded in Columbia, Missouri in 2002. Vetrans United has stated they are honored to help thousands of military families purchase the home of their dreams. Since 2002, we’ve been dedicated to continually providing service with the same expertise and enthusiasm that has made us a leader in the VA Loan industry.

Their values of being passionate and having fun mixed with delivering results with integrity,  enhance lives every day.

Embracing those values defines them as a company. They are VU's greatest strength, and they’re why they’ll always have your back at each step of your homebuying journey.

Thank you to: 

Kat Weisenborn - Loan Office

Allyson Walker - Loan Coordinator

Kristen Hager - Senior Homebuying Concierge

Mason VonderHaar - Lock Desk Coordinator in Capital Markets

Contact Information

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